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The name of the organization shall be known as the San Antonio Chapter of Basketball Officials Association (SABOA).

The purpose of SABOA is to provide a group of skilled basketball officials to assist the advancement of its members in every practical and ethical way to the highest levels of officiating the game of basketball. SABOA shall encourage its members to consistently enforce all rules and mechanics of the game of basketball as published by the National Federation of High Schools. SABOA members shall encourage fair play and sportsmanship and work closely among officials, school administrators, athletic directors, coaches, players, basketball fans, radio, television and the press.

Section 1. Regular Members
To be a qualified member of SABOA a person shall meet the following qualifications:
A. A reputation considered to be above reproach.
B. Submit to Executive Committee references in the number and type that Executive Committee may request.
C. As directed by SABOA, membership in a certifying agency of the State of Texas, showing all dues paid.
D. Knowledge of the rules and mechanics of the game of basketball by successfully completing a written test throughout the season.
E. Demonstrate evidence of physical ability to officiate the game of basketball.
F. Payment of dues assessed by SABOA.
G. SABOA may accept other officials that apply, pending approval and their division ranking from a certifying state agency, for membership and temporary placement in a division. Such official may be assigned games and may vote, but cannot hold office on the Executive Committee until approved for full membership by SABOA. SABOA shall accept into full membership a member of another State of Texas basketball chapter upon receipt of a recommendation letter from the Chapter Secretary of that chapter.
H. Ability to meet and pass any other requirements set by SABOA.

Section 2. Honorary Members
Honorary Membership may be conferred upon an individual by unanimous vote of the Executive Committee. Honorary Membership is usually reserved for special recognition of long years of exemplary service either to SABOA or to the game of basketball. Honorary members shall not be required to pay dues, but neither shall they vote or hold office.

Section 3. Inactive Members
Inactive Membership is reserved for members who have paid their state or local dues, but are not actively engaged in officiating basketball games. Inactive members are not required to attend meetings of the chapter and have full voting privileges.

Section 1.Officers.
The officers of SABOA shall be one President, one Vice President, one Immediate Past President, Secretary, Treasurer and Sergeant at Arms. The officers shall hold office as provided in the Constitution and ByLaws.

Section 2.Executive Committee
The Executive Committee (“EC”) shall consist of eleven members. EC shall be composed of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant at Arms, the Immediate Past President, and representatives from Division I through V. Therefore, there shall be ten (10) voting members of the EC with the President (or other Presiding Officer) exercising voting privileges only to break ties. The Assignment Director(s) and Training Director will serve as exofficio members of the EC without voting privileges. Voting division members may designate a division member to conduct voting duties as a proxy in their absence. The members of the EC shall perform their duties as provided in the ByLaws of SABOA.

Section 1.Elections.
The elections of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant at Arms and the five division representatives shall be held on the last regularly scheduled meeting of the year and no later than March 31st of each year. The President and Treasurer shall be elected by a majority of the votes cast at the last meeting of even numbered years. The Secretary, Vice President, and Sergeant at Arms shall be elected by a majority of the votes cast at the last meeting of odd numbered years. Voting types will be
established by the board of directors and can be written ballots or accomplished electronically. The President, Vice President,
Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant at Arms and Division Representatives shall be elected as follows (Amended 3/23/2014):

A. A nominating committee of five (5) (one from each Division), shall be appointed by the President during the current season, but not later than two (2) meetings prior to the next to last meeting of the year.
B. It is recommended that the committee submit two (2) candidates for each office that is due to be filled at the next to last
called meeting and these candidates shall be voted on at the last meeting of the year. After the report from the committee is reported of the candidates for election, the President shall call for nominations from the floor for each office to be filled. In order to be a candidate for elected office, nominations must be accomplished by the close of the next to last meeting called.
C. The Sergeant at Arms and the Secretary shall prepare written ballots with all candidates nominated for each office. Write in
votes are not to be counted. Each office shall be voted on separately and the nominee receiving the majority of votes cast by a majority of the membership present shall be declared elected. A majority will consist of at least fifty percent (plus 1) of the membership present. If the candidate does not receive a majority vote on first ballot, the candidates with the top two (2) vote totals will have a runoff election on a second ballot. Ballots shall be maintained by the current Sergeant at Arms, sorted by Division,
stored for a minimum of two (2) years and made available to any member requesting to examine. (Amended 3/23/2014)

Section 2.Election of Division Representative
Each Division Representative shall be elected by a caucus of the division members following the election of chapter officers. A person shall not be a Division Representative and hold any other office in SABOA. The member receiving the majority of votes cast by the Division membership shall be declared elected as the Division Representative. The member receiving the second highest vote total shall be declared the Alternate Division Representative. The Alternate Division Representative shall assist the Division Representative, shall have the right to attend any Executive Committee meeting, and shall act as the Division Representative in his/her absence. (Amended 3/23/2014)

Section 3. Filling a Vacancy
To fill a vacancy in any Executive Committee position, the presiding officer may announce at any regular meeting that an election will be held at the next regular meeting to replace said vacancy. Nominations and elections will be held at the same meeting in filling vacancies. Should a vacancy occur between April 01 and November 01, the Executive Committee shall appoint said person to serve until an election may properly be held.

Section 4. Voting Eligibility
Only members in good standing (i.e. , paid in full State & Chapter dues; any fines or assessments and game assignment fees) are eligible to vote. (Amended 3/23/2014)

Section 5. No Multiple Positions
No person may run for, or serve in, more than one position on the Executive Committee at the same time.


Any member of the Executive Committee shall be removed for good cause through the use of the following:
A. A recall petition with the names of one third (1/3) of the members when the election took place will be presented to the Executive Committee and a date would be set for a recall election.
B. The Secretary and Sergeant at Arms, if neither is subject to recall, shall prepare written ballots that may ask only if the removal should take place.
C. A two thirds (2/3) vote of the active membership is necessary for removal. (Amended 3/23/2014)


Section 1. The Constitution and ByLaws may be amended by giving notice of such change in writing to the Secretary, who in turn shall notify the President. The President shall make a proper announcement at the next regular meeting. Action by Chapter membership on the amendment(s) shall be taken at the first meeting following the Presidential announcement.
Section 2. A two thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of the current membership present at an announced meeting is necessary for adoption. (Amended 3/23/2014)
Section 3. Any proposed Constitution amendments or ByLaws alterations during the off season must be made in writing to all members of the chapter. This shall be mailed or sent electronically to the Chapter members if the Executive Committee deems the change essential. Votes on the aforementioned shall be mailed or electronically sent to the President and the votes counted by the Executive Committee. For a mail in or electronic vote to be valid, seventy five percent (75%) of the membership must respond. (Amended 3/23/2014)